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Whidbey Island Natural is all about the Bees.

Over 1/4 of all of our food and all of the majority of flowers are pollinated by bees. Without them we would be in big trouble, loosing many of our favorite fruits and vegetables. To help do our bit Whidbey Island Natural has sought out local bee keepers and bee products to help support independent apiaries that will keep the bees local and healthy and away from industrial agriculture that uses pesticides that are linked to colony collapse disorder, which has devastated our honey bee populations. By purchasing these products you help us keep our apiaries and beekeepers employed and free from the influences of industrial agriculture and all of its drawbacks and pitfalls.

Kim Tiller (Co-owner) is now keeping bees herself to do her part to save the bees. You can follow her here: Kim's Bees!
Hummingbird Honey
Hummingbird Farms is a wholesaler of organic honeys from the Pacific Northwest. They have been in business since 1971. A family owned business focussed on being a positive force for change in the food industry. Their honeys are raw honeys and ones you won't usually find in the large grocery stores!