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Goat Milk Hand and Body Lotions

Our new Goat Milk Hand and Body Lotions are based on our original our original Hand and Body lotion recipe which already contains a rich super-concentrated blend of natural vegetable oils and pure plant extracts which penetrate the skin to deliver instant healing and comfort. 

Now we've added Goat Milk to our original lotion base to make it even better!

Why add Goat Milk to our lotions? Goat milk is one of those amazing natural ingredients that contain alpha-hydroxy acids and Caprillic Triglycerides which have a rejuvenating and softening properties.  This means our Goats Milk lotions are wonderfully rich and creamy products that can be used on even the most sensitive of skin. 

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Sandalwood Goat Milk Lotion
Our Price: $12.00
Sale Price: $9.00
You save $3.00!

Now try our Goat Milk Lotion in Sandalwood fragrance! This is the closest we can come to the original sandalwood found in nature. Due to its rarity and endangered species status we no longer are using an essential oil in this product. We wish we could but our conscience wouldn't allow us to!
We like this fragrance anyways and we think you will too!
May Chang Goat Milk Lotion (Tropical Lemon Verbena)
Our Price: $12.00

Now we've added Goat Milk to our original lotion base to make it even better!

Try it in our lovely May Chang (Tropical Lemon Verbena) EO fragrance! This fragrance is so similar to Lemon Verbena but just a bit more earthy but comes from South East Asia where it has been used as a culinary and medicinal herb for generations!

Island Hippy (Patchouli-Goat Milk) Lotion
Our Price: $12.00

Our island has had a long history of people seeking a simpler life from the 1800's Utopian community founded in Freeland here on Whidbey Island to people to the Hippy communes on Whidbey Island in the 1950's through the 1970's. There is still a large community on the island that harkens back to those days, so we decided to create a new lotion in commemoration of those crazy days. Now you can enjoy our goat milk formulation mixed with pure Patchouli Essential Oil and remember the good ol'days!

PEACE MAN!!! ;-)

Lavender Bergamot Goat Milk Lotion
Our Price: $12.00

We originally produced our Lavender Bergamot Lotion without the goat milk in it but heard often that our customers wanted it with the addition of goat milk. We listened to you! Now you can enjoy our long time favorite essential oil blend now combined with our goat milk lotion formulation!!!

Lavender Lemongrass and Clove Goat Milk Lotion
Our Price: $12.00

We have had so much demand for our goat milk lotions we decided to bring out our best selling fragrances in our goat Milk Lotion formulation. Now you can enjoy our Lemongrass Lavender and Clove essential oil blend with the added benefits of Goat Milk.