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From Farm To Market - Our Experiments and Trials in Bringing our Products From the Farm to you!

Sept. 18 2015

Today we began our first trial run on producing grape seed oil and picked up the spent pumice from Spoiled Dog Winery. We are working with our local wineries to collect the spent grapes after pressing so we can extract the seeds, dry them and then press them for their oils. Big thanks to Spoiled Dog Winery here on Whidbey Island for supplying the grapes. We hope to start using the grape seed oil in our new product line very soon! But first we need to find the best way to extract the seed and process them. Please watch the video bellow. I will continue to post more videos as we continue the grand Grape Seed Oil experiment!

Oct. 10th 2015

The oven was a bit slow to dry the grape seeds and skins so we waited for a dry day to put them out in the sun....and waited....and waited. Then one day it got sunny!!!!

Unfortunately we learned another lesson. When you get fog that roles in in the evening your drying grape seed can tend to get wet again! Bummer!!!! Before we could get them dry they began to get moldy and we had to throw them into the compost bin. Double Bummer!!!

Oct. 14th

Big thanks to Greg Osenbach at Whidbey Island Winery! Greg Ossenbach - Whidbey Island WineryGreg gave us some great seed right out of the red wine fermentation vats after fermenting the red wines. The grape seed had that wonderful red wine fragrance and had very little grape skins on them and made it much easier to clean them up. Greg mentioned that we should rinse the grapes and get he yeast of them from the fermentation batch and then separate the grapes and grape skins from the grape seeds with a sieve. Going to give it a go!

Oct. 16th

Greg gave us a wonderful batch of grape seeds that we were finally able to separate out and dry. Decided against air drying since we could not get any nice hot dry days like they get in California. Takes a lot of work to get a good amount of grape seed to press the oils from!

Next step is to press the grape seed and see how much oil we can get from them!