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We're a family-owned and operated company and a mother-son team. We grew weary of commuting to stressful, software jobs on the mainland and began to envision an island business. We wanted to create "something" tangible, "something" handcrafted, wholesome and useful - but what? Inspired by our beautiful island, in 1995 we founded Whidbey Island Natural Products, Inc. and began handcrafting luxurious, Pure & Natural bath and skincare products. We can hold our natural soaps, lotions and potions in our hands, they are tangible, they are wholesome and they are useful. We designed the Whidbey Island Natural brand to be eye-catching and to give a precise sense of place and locality. Over the next five years we sold our products at the local farmers market. We then took a huge leap of faith, quit our day jobs, and opened a small, retail shop on Whidbey Island. December 31, 2018, we closed the retail shop so that we can focus on creating wonderful, new products, communicating with our loyal customers through our newsletter and social media, keeping bees for honey and beeswax and growing organic herbs for use in our products. We sell online and to stores throughout the Puget Sound region. Whidbey Island continues to inspire us with it's magical mix of wildflower meadows, pastoral hills, evergreen forests, and rugged, driftwood-strewn beaches.

In our island workshop, we are infusing nature's nourishing plant oils with healing and fragrant essential oils creating luxurious, all-natural, soaps, lotions and potions for you.

David Tiller and Kimberly Tiller